Ambassador Grey • Pillow

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Size:  20" x 20"  or  50 cm x 50 cm  

Imagine yourself lying on your couch, feeling warm and cozy, dozing away towards pleasant dreams of far-away cultures. The unique traditional Jaqcuard weaving techniques, combined with the carefully selected biological cotton woven into a unique design, allows for this feeling to unfold. The combination of this traditional Moroccan craftsmanship with Dutch designs creates a pillow that is destined to impress.

Mr. Abdessadek, our weaver, comes from a traditional Moroccan weaver family. The passion for weaving has passed from father to son for generations long. Mr. Abdessadek improved his weaver skills even more by working for a Paris fashion designer for 15 years. His passion and determination got him multiple awards from the Moroccan government for being the best weaver of Morocco.

  Genuine hand-woven and had-sewn for durable comfort
  100% carefully selected biological cotton woven into a unique design
  This pillow cover captures Moroccan craftsmanship in a modern European design

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We recommend our customers to take the items to a professional dry-cleaner to maintain the velvety soft touch.  

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