Through the years I have learned that for many people all over the world, like myself, a home is decorated with a diverse collection personal and meaningful furniture. Whether they are inheritances, special items brought back from a far away journey, pictures of loved ones, or the cabinet your father made by himself, each item has a personal story.


Nowadays newly produced furniture and home accessories are often machine-made and miss the personal touch. True craftsmanship and the quality that comes with it are scarce. I missed that and that is why I made it my mission to bring this back to peoples’ homes. I wanted to show people that modern European design can be combined with traditional craftsmanship and that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.



This mission was the beginning of my great adventure. I decided to quit my job and together with it, say farewell to a lot of the certainties and stability factors in my life. It felt like this was the right time to follow my dream. I started drawing designs for throws and cushions, using my travel memories (of which a lot have been to Morocco) as inspiration.

Once I had a few fantastic designs, I needed to find a weaver who could make the items in the quality I was looking for, using traditional techniques. The solution turned out to be closer to home than I thought.

My husband, who was born in the Netherlands just like me, grew up in Morocco. A lot of our family and friends still live there, which gives us the opportunity to come to Morocco quite often together with our two children. We love this country so much that we even got married in Marrakech. During these trips I learned a lot about the Moroccan culture, visited a lot of beautiful places and fell in love with the passion of the traditional craftsmen.      
Knowing their tremendous dedication and skills, based on age-old traditions, it wasn’t hard for me to decide that my items had to be made by these talented Moroccan craftsmen.

I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love and what I am passionate about. But it is also important to me that I could also support the local Moroccan community with my designs.