Black Pearl • Pillow

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Size:  20" x 20"  or  50 cm x 50 cm    

Imagine yourself lying on your couch, leaning against this velvety soft pillow, feeling warm and cozy, dozing away towards pleasant dreams of far-away cultures. The unique traditional weaving techniques with which each bead is carefully handwoven into the fabric, combined with the best organic cotton of Morocco, allows for this feeling to unfold. The combination of this traditional Moroccan craftsmanship with Dutch design creates a pillow that is destined to impress.

Mr. Abdessadek, our weaver, comes from a traditional Moroccan weaver family. The passion for weaving has passed from father to son for generations long. Mr. Abdessadek improved his weaver skills even more by working for a Paris fashion designer for 15 years. His passion and determination got him multiple awards from the Moroccan government for being the best weaver of Morocco.

  Genuine hand-woven and had-sewn for durable comfort
  100% organic cotton for velvety softness
  Hundreds of shiny beads handwoven into the fabric for a unique design
  This pillow cover captures Moroccan craftsmanship in a modern European design

We also have a matching throw to go with this pillow. 

We recommend our customers to take the items to a professional dry-cleaner to maintain the velvety soft touch.  

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